Abongile thankfulness
Akhona present
Alakhe Will build our home
Anathi they are with us
Andile increase
Aphiwe they are given
Asanda still increasing
Aviwe been heard
Ayabonga They are grateful
Babala Favor, Grace
Babalo Blessed
Balara Champion
Bambata Great Warrior
Bantu people
Bathandwa Beloved
Beka Honor, Respect
Bezile First of twins or they have come
Bhekinkosi Look up to the Lord
Bhutana little brother
Bonani See
Bongani Praise you all
Bongikhaya thank the home
Bonginkosi thank God
Bulelani be thankful
Buzwe nationhood
Caca plainly seen or heard
Ceba Advisor, counsellor
Cebo Plan
Chana A good shot, marksman
Chasa An opponent
Chasi To be alert, watchful
Chebe Chance, luck, fortune
Chochoyi Mountain top, pinnacle
Chulumacha Self-confident
Chwama Bushman
Ciko Fluent, eloquent speaker
Combela To do one’s best
Daba Report, Message
Dabozo Rushing away
Dada Float, swim
Dakasa Ramble, rove
Dala Create
Dalumzi Home-maker
Daluxolo Peace maker
Dandalazisa Make prominent, clear
Dangala Baboon
Dedelana Make way for each other
Dembeza Stately, dignified
Dengana Little fool
Dibana Mix together, mingle
Diliza Break down, destroyer of evil
Dingikhaya One with no home
Dingindawo One with no space
Dokoza To speak with a deep, rough voice
Dubula To shoot
Dulusa Favorite, to stand out
Duma Shout of triumph
Dumile Notorious
Dumisa praise [in singular
Dumisani praise [ in plural
Dunga To fly away, scatter
Dungudela Vagabond, wanderer
Dunkunka A mystery
Dyebo Great harvest, abundance of food
Dyesha A well built youth
Dyoli Secret messenger
Ekoko Continue a journey
Elona The very one
Esihle beautiful
Eyona The very one, the best
Feza Accomplish, complete
Fezekile complemented
Fezile accomplished; fulfilled
Fikile Arrived
Fokaza A great fellow
Fumanekile Recovered
Fundani Learn
Fungile Vowed
Fuphi Short, Squat
Fuzile Genes
Gaba To overflow or to be vain
Gabhaza Travel freely and safely
Gajela Tall, stout person
Gcobani Be joyful
Gidima Run with speed
Gigitha Muse; daydream
Gitshima Messenger
Gozi An accident
Gqibelo Last one
Gugulethu Our pride
Hlomela Insert
Hlumelo To grow up beautiful
Ibo First fruits
Isivile God has answered our prays
Jama Stare
Jikela Go around
Jongephi Looking where
Jongikhaya Watching over the home
Jongilanga Watching over the sun
Jonginkosi Watching over the Lord
Jongiwe Look at me
Kanelo Enough
Khuselwa Protect
Khuthala Second of twins / be diligent
Khuzani Rebuke
Khwezi Star
Kungoyolo It is with His Grace
Langa Sun
Lathitha The sun rise
Lelethu It’s ours (inheritance)
Lelethu Our own
Lifa Inheritance
Lihle Beautiful
Likhaya Our home
Lindani Await
Lindela Await
Lindikhaya Take care of your home
Lindisizwe Waiting for a country
Lingisile Make things right
Lisolethu Eye for us
Liwa Rock of ages
Lizo Alm
Lonwabo Happiness
Lubabalo Grace
Lulamile Tamed
Lundi Horizon (of dreams)
Lungelo Right
Lungisile Make things right
Luthando Love
Luxolo Peace
Luyolo Pleasure
Luzuko Glory
Lwandle Sea
Lwando To increase a family
Lwazi Knowledge
Mabhuti endearment for little brother
Madoda Men
Mahlubandile The clan has increased
Majoni Soldier
Makukhanye Let there be light
Malibongwe Let it be praised
Malusi Shepherd
Mandilakhe Let me build
Mandla Power
Mangaliso Wonderful
Masakhane Let’s build another one
Masibulele Let’s give thanks
Matanzima Mouthful
Mavo Experiences
mbasa Medal
Mbingeleli Priest
Mbulelo Thankfulness
Mbuyiselo Restoration
Mcebisi Counsellor
Melithaya He must stand by his home
Melumzi Represent home
Menzi The Doer
Mesuli Wipe
Methuli The unloader
Mfuneko Need
Mgcineni Keep him
Mibono It was our dream.
Mihlali Rejoice
Misumzi Will build our home
Mkhokeli Leader
Mkhuseli The shielder
Mncedisi Helper
Mnyamezeli Endure
Mongezi Addition
Mpendulo Answer
Mpilo Health
Mpumelelo Success
Mthandeni Love him
Mthanjiswa Annointed
Mthetheleli Advocate
Mthimkhulu Big tree
Mthobeli Obedience
Mthunzi Shadow
Mthuthuzele Comforter
Mthuthuzeli Comforter
Mxolisa The one who brings peace
Mxolisi Maintain peace
Mzimasi Attend
Mzingisi Perseverance
Mzoxolo Home of peace
Mzukisi Praiser
Mzwakhe His home
Mzwamadoda Home for men only; family where men dominate
Mzwandile Home has increased
Ndothusile Shocked
Ndumiso Psalms
Neziswa Be fulfilled
Nhlanhla Opportunities
Njongo Aim / Goal
Nkokheli Leader
Nkosiphendule Lord has answered
Nkululeko Freedom
Nqabisile hidden
Ntando will
Ntlonipho Respect
Nyameko with endurance
Nyaniso Truthfulness
Odwa Only
Olwethu Our own
Onele enough
Ongama To stand out, to tower over
Onke all
Onwaba To be contented, satisfied
Othembela Put your trust in God.
Othusa To be startled, surprised
Owam Belonging to me, mine
Paki Witness
Phakamile Uplifted
Phaphama awake
Phumelele Succeeded
Phumlani rest [in plural]
Phumzile rested
Qaqambile brightness
Qondile Understood
Rolihlahla Shaking the branch of a tree / Troublemaker
Sabelo share
Sakhiwo structure
Samkelo acceptance
Sandla Help
Sandile increase
Senzile we have done
Sibabalwe blessed
Sicelo petition
Sidima stature
Sigqibo decision
Silumko wiseman
Simangaliso Wonderful
Simphiwe Given
Sinelizwi we have a voice
Siphelele enough
Sipho Gift
Siphosethu our gift
Siseko foundation
Siyabulela Grateful or thank you
Siyamanga Welcoming him
Siyaya we are going
Sizamile We have tried
Songezo Addition
Songezwa Fold
Sonwabile happiness
Sonwabo Happiness
Swazi Stick
Thamsanqa lucky boy
Thandisizwe love the nation
Thanduxolo peace-lover
Thembalethu our hope
Thembani hope
Thembinkosi trust the Lord
Thozama Be quiet
Thukile Shocked
Tshawe From the Nomatshawe clan
Tyelovuyo Gladstone
Velile Appeared
Vile to hear
Viwe to be heard
Vuyani gladness
Vuyo Rejoice
Wandile increase of home
Welile crossed over
Wonga status
Wushe From the Nomawushe clan
Xola Stay in Peace
Xolani calm down
Xolile Forgiven
Xolisa Apologise
Yekile stop
Zakhele build
Zamekile attempted
Zamikhaya trying to make a home
Zamile Attempted
Zaminkosi trying the lord
Zandisile made more
Zanemvula The rain bringer
Zenzile Caused himself
Zifihlephi Where can you hide
Zinwe Appreciation
Zilindile they are waiting
Zukile Calmed
Zukisani praise
Zuko glory

9 thoughts on “XHOSA BOY NAMES

  1. Mostly these are incorrect. You have a direct translation, not a meaning. For example the name ‘Xolisa’ does not mean apologize, but means he who brings satisfaction, but the word ‘xolisa’ means to apologize. A big difference between the name and just a word

    • Thandile: you also is wrong. The word Xolisa means comfort and serenity. But when you translate it in Zulu it actually means apologize.

    • Thandile what you are saying is correct. Sonwabile you are also correct but Thandile is not wrong too her explanation is right for my name. im Xolisa and thats what my parents meant, im not comfortor thats Mthuthuzeli. apologise is not only Zulu but mean the same thing in Xhosa too but as Thandile said its direct translation not the meaning of the name. As for Nhlanhla NO COMMENT. (Ntlahla though in Xhosa).

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