Abusiswe Be blessed
Amahle The beautiful ones
Amukelani Accept
Andile Multiplied in numbers
Anele They are enough
Anelisa Satisfied
Aphiwe We are given
Ayanda They argue (the family)
Ayize Let it happen/come
Babavana Tall and slender person
Bakabaka Pretty Woman
Balungile Righteous
Bekebeke Glittering, Shining
Bhekisisa To be careful, cautious
Bhekisile Helped to search
Bikwaphi Where should the report be sent
Bongiwe Asked for girl child, we are grateful
Buhlebenkosi Gracious God
Busisiwe She has been blessed
Buyisiwe Blessed
Cabanga Think, Meditate
Cebile Rich
Cebisile Advise giver
Celukuthula Ask for peace
Celukwazi Looking for knowledge
Cwazimula Shine Brightly
Dade Sister
Dandalaza In the open
Dansa Dance
davathi Beaded Anklet
Dazuluka Shout or scream loudly
Deliwe She’s been forsaken
Didiza Flutter, tingle
Dodakazi Daughter
Duduzile Consoled
Dumazile She disappoints
Dumile Renowned
Dumisile Praised
Ejaj Be jovial, merry
Ekuseni In the morning
Elethu It is ours
Enama To be happy, contented
enanela Rejoice
Enezezelo Addition
Esasa Be happy
Ethuka Surprise
Ethulo Gift
Ethwasa Start anew
Fahlasi Tall person
Fakazi Jehovah’s witness
Fikile She has arrived/is born
Fudu Tortoise
Fula Reap, gather crops from the field
Funani What is her intention
Futhi Again, more than once
Gabisile Sing own praises; She, who we can show off
Gagasi Ocean wave
Gede Honey guide
Gonothi Tall, slender person
Gqamile To stand among others
Gugu Precious
Halalisiwe Celebrated
Hlengiwe Nursed or redeemed
Hleziphi Whereupon is she?
Hlobisile Decorative
Hloniphile Respectful
Hluphekile She is destitute
Jabhile She is saddened
Jabulile She is happy
Jezile She’s been punished
Khangezile Our hands are open
Khanya Light
Khanyisile She has brought light / happiness
Khethiwe chosen, the one who is chosen
Khethukuthula Choose to be quiet
Kholiwe Religious
Khule It is beautiful
Khulelaphi Where should she grow up?
Khululiwe Exonerated
Khwezi Bright morning star
Lethiwe She’s been brought
Lethu Ours
Lindidwe Waited for
Linduthando Waiting to be loved
Londiwe She is preserved
Lungile The good one
Lungelo Rights
Luvo Opinion
Makhosazana Princesses
Mbalenhle Beautiful flower
Mbali Flower
Mbhali Rose / Flower
Minenhle Good day
Mpendulo Reply
Mpumelelo Success
Nandi Sweet; her fathers child
Naledi Star
Ncamisile She has caused us to give up
Ndabezinhle Good news
Ndonsa Bright morning star
Nelisiwe Satisfied
Nhlahla Luck
Njabulo Happy
Nkazimulo Glory
Nkosazana Princess
Nkosingiphile The Lord gave me
Nkosiphendule God has answered
Nobantu Mother of people
Nobuhle Mother of beauty; goodness
Nobuntu Mother of human kindness
Nokubonga Full of thanks
Nokukhanya Light
Nokulunga Faithfulness
Nokuthokoza Gratitude
Nokuthula Mother of peace
Nokwazi Knowledgeable
Nokwanda Expansion
Nolwandle Mother of Oceans
Nolwazi The one with knowledge
Nomabhongo With pride
Nomagugu The precious one; mother of treasure
Nomakholwa Mother of believers
Nomalanga Mother of sun / Sunshine
Nomandla Mother of strength
Nomasonto Mother of Sundays / churches
Nomathalente Mother of talents
Nomathemba With hope
Nombulelo Mother of prayer/thanks
Nombuso Ruling over
Nombuyiselo Mother of restoration
Nomcebo Treasure
Nomfundo Mother of education
Nompilo Mother of health
Nompumelelo Success
Nomthandazo Prayer
Nomthimba Wedding
Nomusa Grace
Nomvula Rain
Nomzamo Struggle
Nonhlanhla Good luck
Nonhle Mother of Beauty
Nonjabulo Mother of joy
Nonkululeko Freedom
Nontethelelo To be washed from sin
Nontobeko Humility
Nosakhele Build for us
Nosipho Mother of a gift
Nosiphiwo With a gift
Nothando Mother of love
Nothemba Hope
Nothembi Faith; Hope
Noxolo Mother of peace
Nozibusiso Mother of blessings
Nozipho Of many gifts
Nozizwe Mother of nations
Nqobile Conquered
Ntokozo Happiness
Ntombenhle Beautiful girl
Ntombifuthi Girl again
Ntombikanina Mother’s girl
Ntombikayise Father’s girl
Ntombikhona We have a girl
Ntombiyesizwe Girl of the earth
Ntombizanele Enough girls
Ntombizodwa Girls only
Ntuthuko Prosperity
Phakamile Proud/High
Philile Spirited
Philisile She has given life
Phindile Repetition
Phumelela Prosperity
Phumzile Rest
Qiniso Thankful
Samkelisiwe Received
Samukelisiwe Endowment
Sibahle We are beautiful
Sibongile Thank you
Sibongiseni Help us to say thank you
Sihle Good
Simangele Surprise
Simphiwe Given
Simosihle Beautiful feeling
Sindisiwe Saved
Sinegugu Our treasure
Sinehlanhla We have luck
Sinethemba We have hope
Siphephelo Refuge; a place where you can hide
Siphesihle Beautiful gift
Siphiwe Gift
Siphokazi Gift
Sithokozile We are happy
Siyanda We are growing
Sizakele Helped
Sizamile We have tried
Sizani You all help
Slindile Waiting
Sonto Sunday
Sphesihle Precious gift
Sthembile We have hope
Sthokozile Thank you
Thabile Happy
Thabisa Bring joy
Thabisile Has brought joy
Thalente Talent or gift from God
Thandazile have prayed
Thandeka Beloved
Thandekile The loved one
Thandie Beloved
Thandiswa She who had to be loved
Thandiwe Beloved
Thando Love
Thathani Take
Thembeka Be reliable be trustworthy
Thembekile Trustworthy
Thembelihle Good hope
Thembeni What do you trust?
Thembile Hopeful, trusting.
Thembisile She has promised
Thenjiwe Trusted
Thoko Happiness
Thokozile Thank you
Tholakele She has been found
Thulile We are peaceful
Thulisile She who made things quiet
Thuthuka To progress
Thuthukile Has become a better person
Uluthando He is love
Uminathi He (God) is with us
Unathi He is with us
Velile Come to sight
Vemvane Butterfly
Vumela In harmony with
Vumile She has agreed
Vuyiswa Made Happy
Welile We have crossed over
Winile Winner
Xabanisile Initiator of dispute
Xolile Made happy
Xolisile (we are) sorry
Zama Try
Zamafuthi Try again
Zamani Try again
Zamile Tried
Zandile They have multiplied
Zanele Girls are enough
Zibu Water Lily
Zibuyile Already back
Zinhle The girls are beautiful
Zintwezinhle Beautiful things
Zodwa Short for Ntombizodwa – meaning girls
Zondlile Nourished herself
Zongile Preserved
Zonke Short for Ziphozonke meaning they are all gifts
Zula Brilliant

17 thoughts on “ZULU GIRL NAMES

  1. We make dolls for the children of KZN and this list of names is fabulous for us to name the girl and boy dolls. Thank you. Uthando Project. Australia

  2. Most of the names on section E are really not names, you cannot name a child Ethuka, Ethwasa, Ekuseni where did you get these names from coz these are not proper names for people

  3. Point of correction all the the names that start with No… the meaning is always Mother of Something. For example Nomzamo would be Mother of Peace not just peace, Nonhlanhla – Mother of luck not just luck and so on. No harm done

  4. I do not see my name here…hardly common but has such a beautiful ring to it (even if I do say so myself haha) NOSISA – The one with a pure heart, compassion another name that has similar meaning is NOSIHAWU. Look for it ladies :)

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